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No need to spend time and money for purchasing domain or hosting for your business. No hidden charges. Simply pay the subscription & be online.

We provide unlimited updates till your subscription period and an awesome support to resolve your queries / concerns within 24 hrs.

Share with your customers on unlimited social platforms or directly on their mobile and stay connected always in their phone book.

The BEST contactless Business Card.

      Due to COVID-19 pandemic the world had seen the importance of contactless technologies. The demand of contactless experiences is constantly growing. A digital business card gives you a totally contactless and safe experience.

      Mee4u helps you to get this contactless experience at it’s best. Mee4u digital business cards are designed to give you the best contactless experience of sharing your business details to anyone, anywhere within seconds. Unlike traditional business cards you don’t need any type of physical contact to share your details, so you don’t need to fear about your safety.

      Stay safe, stay modern with your Mee4u digital business card.

Compatible with Both IOS & Android:

What you get:

Digital Visiting Card, which can be shared by Barcode, message, whatsapp and any one can save it to their contact list.

Client can schedule meeting through this App, set reminders.

Login for clients and customers.

Send an email on birthday or schedule email.

Follow up emails according to requirements.

Calls, text msgs, whatsapp can be updated by employees and Management can look on all.

Download analytics report.

Link Google calendar so that anyone can set reminder on it

User Friendly Dashboard

- Here Users can Update his information anytime anywhere.
- Users can add business hours by days of their business, which will be shown to card.
- Users can add different social platforms link that will be that later used to card. customers can see that links and use it for more information.
- Customers can submit the inquiry from the card & Recived inquiries on business card will be shown to related card tables.
- User can see the overall cards information from here. How many enquiries count on cards.

Integration With Popular Payment Gateway

Notero intergrate with popular apps. Help you easy to connect and collaboration

10 Different Card Templates

Loved From Customers

Mee4u loved from thoudsands customer worldwide and get trusted from big companies.

Digital Marketing Manager Simply the best way to share contact information. From phone number to email ID, social media accounts, and anything else.

Manon Beaulieu / Digital Marketing Manager

when I tap the Mee4u business card on a phone, it shares all the information without the need for the to have Mee4u card.

JURGEN K. / UI/UX Designer

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$101 / life time

Mee4u Card (No extra charges)
  • Add Social Profiles
  • Share Contact Info
  • Save Contact option
  • Exchange Contacts
  • Background Logo
  • Manage Contacts
  • Video Embeds
  • Lead Form
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • 3 themes (Change anytime, anywhere)
  • Mee4u Logo
  • Analytics
  • Add testimonials
  • Customer Support
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$129 / Year

Experience all premium features and only one-time payment
  • Add Social Profiles
  • Share Contact Info
  • Save Conact option
  • Exchange Contacts
  • Background Logo
  • Manage Contacts
  • Video Embeds
  • Lead Form
  • Analytics
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • 10 themes (Change anytime, anywhere)
  • Add testimonials
  • Customer Support
  • Download Card copy
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Need A Support?

Mee4u is a networking platform that allows you to share your information with others using completely customizable pages. We make it easy to share your Mee4u remotely, and with Digital Business Card.

Want to showcase your photography and allow a client to book a shoot, all just by tapping your Mee4u Card? We've got you covered. 

Want to list out all of your links and socials, then link to your page from your Insta bio? Look no further.

Wish you could share your personal contact and your business contact with the same card? Mee4u can do that, too.

Mee4u Cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technology to exchange information. Just tap your card to other phones or let people scan the QR code if their phone doesn’t support NFC.

Mee4u cards work with all NFC enabled phones and the QR code can be scanned with any phone with a scanner or a camera. It works with majority of today’s phones. Here’s the complete device compatibility list

No App required. The tap and QR scan opens the information in mobile’s browser

Your Mee4u Profile comes with an “Add To Contact” button which allows viewers to save your full contact information directly to their phones.

Anyone who gets a tap of your card, scans the QR code on the card or anyone with your profile link. We provide a unique profile link with your name in it.

Go to Mee4u login website and open login on forgot password and enter your register email id. you will receive link on mail. Open that link and enter your new ID and password.

We don’t ask for your social media passwords and give you the control over what information you’d like to include in your profile.

Nope! That's the beauty of Mee4u. Have someone just tap your product, or scan your QR code with their camera, and they instantly have your info. No app required.

No! Mee4u is free to use. We do offer management features through Mee4u, whenever you need to make changes on your account just let us know we will do it for you. Pro for $10/month or $100/year, but it is a completely optional upgrade.