What is a digital business card?

A business card is the identity of a brand as it is one of the tangible aspects that stays with customers. A business card decides that how the customer will see your business.

      There is no dearth of choices when it comes to choosing traditional business cards. You have probably seen many traditional, physical business cards, but when it comes to give a unique touch to your business and meet the speed of this digital world the best choice is Digital business card.

      Digital business card is the new generation of business cards. It’s a better and modern way to present yourself and your business. Also known as NFC (Near Field Communication) card and virtual or electronic business card, digital business cards are more interactive, cost effective and sustainable than their physical counterparts.

      One significant benefit of digital business cards is that you can share your details with anyone, anytime, anywhere; And the best part is that they are contactless. You don’t need to give it to anyone, what you need is just a single tap. You can share your contact details, business specifications, useful links in a faster and safer way with just a tap.

Why should I choose Mee4u?

Choosing a good digital business card is also very important so that there will be no trouble in future. Mee4u gives you the best experience of digital business card. It’s good to take a Mee4u digital business card instead of a bunch of those traditional, old business cards.

      The Mee4u card comes with a very comfortable design and great build quality, so you can keep it with you all the time in your wallet without any trouble. There is no question about its durability and functionality.

      You can share your business details, contact details, website links, and every single detail you want to provide to your clients with only a single tap to their NFC enabled smartphones. Also don’t need to worry if there is no device enabled with NFC, you will also be provided with a QR code (which can be scanned anytime) and a unique link (which you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media platform).

Digital cards for the entire team.

The motivation behind Mee4u card is to give your business a small boost with modern technology. Mee4u cards are designed to be affordable and make it easier to manage your details. We also know that large scale manufacturing of paper business cards is harmful for environment, so it’s a great choice to save environment by using a Mee4u digital business card.

      We live in a digital world where businesses are growing faster and faster online. Currently there are 4.57 billion internet users worldwide out of which 3.8 billion uses a smartphone to use internet. Their smartphones are our advantage to grow our business with help of digital business cards. There are many advantages and features of Mee4u card and most exciting ones include:

  • Easy access and sharing of your details with anyone, anytime with a single tap.
  • Great build quality and comfortable design, can be kept with you all the time in your wallet.
  • Mee4u website which helps the users to easily manage their details and subscriptions.
  • Direct ordering from the link with embedded payment options.
  • Affordable upgrade for your business to grow digitally.

      Be ready to make a good impression, go digital, go paperless, save environment and grow your business with Mee4u.

The best contactless business card.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic the world had seen the importance of contactless technologies. The demand of contactless experiences is constantly growing. A digital business card gives you a totally contactless and safe experience.

      Mee4u helps you to get this contactless experience at it’s best. Mee4u digital business cards are designed to give you the best contactless experience of sharing your business details to anyone, anywhere within seconds. Unlike traditional business cards you don’t need any type of physical contact to share your details, so you don’t need to fear about your safety.

      Stay safe, stay modern with your Mee4u digital business card.

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